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YORK FITNESS R700 Rowing MachineRowing machines provide a full body workout that is effective and enjoyable at the same time. The York r700 Rowing Machine utilises a combination of air and magnetic resistance to provide a smoother pull and ultimately a much more effective workout. Features 8 resistance levels and a seat track that retracts for storage. Computer displays time, time/500m, distance, calories and strokes providing you with a clear picture of your progress. Max user weight 110kg.YORK FITNESS R700 Rowing Machine

Technical Details

- Combination of air and magnetic resistance, for a smoother pull
- 8 Resistance levels
- Computer displays: Time/500m, Strokes, Distance, Calories, Strokes per minute
- Large padded seat
- Heavy duty, pivoting footplates with adjustable Velcro straps
- Adjustable handle height
- Compact design, with a seat track that retracts for storage
- Max User Weight: 110kg
- Smoother rowing action, and a comfortable workout with the padded seat
- 2 years parts and labour warranty
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Customer Buzz
 "Can't monitor speed and time!" 2009-12-02
By James Beattie (Falkirk, Scotland)
The monitor seems to reset after a set amount of time. It repeats this resetting process throughout the workout. I used it twice but there is not much use in blankly rowing away with no idea of how fast etc.. Seemed OK other than that but these flaws make it redundant.

Customer Buzz
 "A good value, quality piece of equipment" 2009-09-01
By Rob SR (UK)
Easy to assemble, no parts missing, up and ready to use within 20 minutes.

For its price this rowing machine compares well to much more expensive machines i have used in fitness centres. A good action and a build quality which gives an impression that this rower will last well.

As others have reported, the computer self-cancels, but a call to customer services had a new updated computer head on its way to me in a couple of days. In the meantime the problem was solved by unattaching the head and lying it alongside, where static charge from the belt did not affect the electronics.

Recommended, so far as I'm concerned. I already feel the benefits from regular all over workouts, without the strain on joints that I find with treadmills or exercise bikes.

Customer Buzz
 "Good value for money and easy assembly" 2009-08-02
By danfoto (South-east England)
I noted the comments in other reviews about the self-tapping screws that don't fit, but what I found is that they ARE the right size!

I'm pretty sure the problem (such as it is) is that some buyers are having trouble because (a) they're using the supplied "screwdriver" and (b) they don't expect properly-fitting self-tapping screws to be a tight fit.

The answer is simply to use a proper screwdriver that fits correctly and a fair bit of oomph.

Speaking as an ex-production engineer, I can't fault this machine for the price paid.

Customer Buzz
 "Good machine, but build quality lets it down" 2009-07-31
By Martin Ballard (Chester, UK)
The York R700 is a good general exercise machine, and on the face of it, it seems well constructed. However I found that during construction bolts were of very poor quality and I replaced several with better quality ones of my own. The foot straps seem to be an afterthought and the foot pads keep peeling off. In fact all stickers and labels were poorly fixed, and most have come off.

In operation, the R700 has proven to be a very good machine though. The digital read-out is clear and easy to use.

Customer Buzz
 "A Sturdy Machine Suitable For Taller People" 2009-07-18
By C James (UK)
Ordered using express delivery and delivered next day by City Link on a Saturday morning - excellent service!

I can verify a previous review that the four self-tapping screws simply do not fit the holes, but I remedied this problem by drilling out the holes using the next-size-up drill bit, and then the supplied screws fitted just fine.

I am 6'5" tall with a 35" inside leg, and this machine is plenty big enough. I can fully extend my legs whilst rowing, and the seat doesn't touch the safety stop at the back of the slider bar. The machine is sturdy and heavy (36kg) and doesn't feel like it's going to break during an intense workout.

I read problems about the computer re-setting when set for a specific workout program, which almost put me off buying it, but you don't have to set a workout program for it to monitor and display your time, distance, speed (minutes per 500M) and burned calories. It automatically comes on and starts counting as soon as you start rowing.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, especially since the Amazon price was over £50 cheaper than on my local High Street!

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