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YORK FITNESS 2 in 1 Exercise Bike/Rowing MachineThe York 2 in 1 Cycle/ Rower is a unique piece of exercise equipment that provides you with two great workouts. Versatility is key to this machine with a design that converts from cycle to rower in five simple steps. Features 8 levels of magnetic resistance, hand pulse sensors (cycle mode), multifunction computer and a fully adjustable seat (cycle mode). Max user weight 100kg.YORK FITNESS 2 in 1 Exercise Bike/Rowing Machine

Technical Details

- Types of materials used:Metal, wood, and plastic
- A unique piece of exercise equipment that provides you with 2 great workouts
- Easily converts from cycle to rower in 5 simple steps
- 8 levels of magnetic resistance
- Hand pulse sensors (cycle mode)
- Multifunction computer
- Fully adjustable seat (Cycle mode)
- Max user weight 100kg
- 2 years parts and labour warranty
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Customer Buzz
 "York 2 in 1 Rower" 2009-11-22
By Mr. A. Mccarthy (scotland)
I bought this Rower/Cycle after a minor heart attack to get back into shape and build up my heart strength. This machine allows me to monitor and gradually build up confidence in a controlled manor. I previously owned another cycle machine, But the combined rower allows a complete body toner and loads of enjoyment.

Customer Buzz
 "Not quite there" 2009-03-27
By Ian Rupp
I received this item a few months ago. Delivery and service were good. The cycle rower is relatively easy to set up, but had a couple of small problems with pedal straps and centre post insert. However the York "person" was very helpful and replaced these within a couple of days. I use the Cycle and Rower and find them both very good. The Computer is helpful, showing speed,distance,time and calories.

However the heart rate monitoring part is so erratic it could be dangerous. I think York would be better off not including this as part of the equipment. My wife and I both use the cycle and both find the same problem. We have tried all sorts of different holds and used "gel" ( the connections are on the handlebars) but still get the same useless readings. When I asked York for help/advice I was told that "it doesn't work for everybody". In that case should they be selling this as a feature? They do have a "telemetry" option (heart rate transmission belt wirelessly connected to the computer) at extra cost. I was told this is out of stock and would be so for at least 6 weeks, with no lead time as to when it would be available. So I have bought a different heart rate monitor which works very well.

So to sum up the equipment is very good and does what I hoped for, with the exception of the heart rate monitoring. Perhaps York should consider including the "telemetry" option as standard.

Customer Buzz
 "excellent machine" 2009-03-08
By peter colloby
Prompt delivery, easy to assemble and straightforward to use either as a bike or rowing machine. Excellent product.

Customer Buzz
 "I didn't want to like it - but I do!" 2008-11-14
By bookelephant (London)
I have to say I was looking for excuses not to like this - I actually have no desire to become a person who uses an exercise bike or rower. BUT it really is rather good and such an easy way of getting a bit of exercise. It is fine to assemble - but possibly best with two people to share the "fun", and completely straightforward to use. Conversion of rower from bike is beyond simple. Only problem is if you have the bike facing the TV, the rower will face away from it, and turning it round is no mean feat - it is quite heavy (as all these things are, of course). I'm only not giving 5 stars because I resent liking it, and the seat sometimes squeaks!

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